The Spirit of Eagles

Spirit of EAGLES

"The American Indian / Alaska Native Initiative on Cancer" ("Spirit of EAGLES") [U54-CA153605-01] was initiated in 2000 as one of eighteen NCI-funded Special Populations Networks. Through the initial project, efforts were implemented and evaluated to increase cancer awareness among tribal Nations and organizations throughout the U.S.

The focus of this next phase for the SoE Community Networks Program (hereafter referred to as "SoE-CNP") [U54-CA153605-01] is to increase community-based participatory research opportunities addressing culturally relevant education, training, and research. The long-term goal is to reduce cancer health disparities by maintaining and expanding tribal community networks and coalitions established by the SoE.

This includes (a) enhancing collaborations with NCI's CIS; (b) recruiting Natives for education, training, and research opportunities; and, (c) expanding SoE in the southeast, northeast, the Northern Plains, and multi-tribal urban areas.

The specific aims for this community network multidisciplinary project are:

Specific Aim 1: Develop, implement and evaluate an administrative core that effectively integrates and coordinates a comprehensive national AIAN research program (Administrative Core).

Specific Aim 2: Refine, implement and evaluate the impact of an AIAN culturally-specific cancer tool kit (Outreach Program).

Specific Aim 3: Coordinate, implement and assess research that addresses the full continuum of cancer care research within AIAN communities nationally (Research Program).

Specific Aim 4: Develop, implement and evaluate a community-driven cancer intervention trial (Research Program).

Specific Aim 5: Initiate a new mentored fellowship program, "Hampton Faculty Fellows" (Training Program).

Specific Aim 6: Collaborate with other CNPs working with AIAN communities and the Indigenous Cancer Network of Canada (Administrative Core).

Spirit of EAGLES
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