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NativeC-Cancer I-Information R-Resource C-Center and L-Learning E-Exchange

The Native CIRCLE is a resource center providing cancer and non-cancer related materials to healthcare professionals and lay people involved in the education, care and treatment of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Culturally appropriate educational materials are essential tools for community outreach. The American Indian/Alaska Native Cancer Information Resource Center and Learning Exchange ("Native CIRCLE"), established in 1999, within the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center provides, stimulates, develops, maintains, and disseminates culturally appropriate cancer, diabetes and health and wellness materials for AI/AN educators, providers, and students. Movies and print materials sent to CIRCLE from around Indian country are reviewed by the medical director (Dr. Judith Salmon Kaur) for medical accuracy, modified if necessary, and made available for distribution to health care and community settings.

The Native CIRCLE DOES NOT PRODUCE their own materials. The materials listed have been gathered from outside agencies, hospitals, clinics, etc., from within the United States and Canada.

We are able to offer limited quantities of these resources to you free of charge with no shipping and handling costs.

You may order up to 10 different items (CDs/DVDs must be included in the total 10 item limit), in quantities as follows:

Up to 25 copies of each print item1 or 2 copies of each CD/DVD

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The receipt for a second request for items will require that a short evaluation of the 1st items be filled out, even if the requested items are different . . . thank you

Please allow up to six weeks for delivery from time order is downloaded.

Please Contact the Native CIRCLE office for additional Information on the following topics.
  • Other cancer-related information not listed in the catalogue
  • Mayo Clinic Heart-Healthy Cookbooks
  • Native CIRCLE medical bibliography