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The Native CIRCLE

  1. Akbali'a Balehawase' I'tchiok "Medical People Take Good Care of Us" (Messengers for Health/Montana: cultural ways, traditions, beliefs, ceremonies to enhance healthcare)
  2. American Indian Women's Talking CIRCLE Cervical Cancer Project
  3. American Indian Youth Tobacco Education Films (special sections for K-3; 3-7; 8-12 and 10-12; California Rural Indian Health Board)
  4. The Art of Wellness
  5. Awakening Choices: Colon Health - Our Stories (Alaska Native colon health movie)
  6. The Birthday Gift (Alaskan women's wellness video)
  7. Caring for Arizona's American Indian Women's Health (breast health video)
  8. Cancer in the Great Land (Alaska native cancer video)
  9. Chair-robics: An Easy, Exciting New AlterNATIVE Workout That Anyone Can Do! (Nimiipuu Health, Idaho)
  10. Clinical Trials and Native People: A Gift for Our Children (Native CIRCLE)
  11. Conversations about Breast Cancer (Native American women and breast cancer) (DVD forma only)
  12. Eating for a Healthy Heart
  13. Enough Snuff: A Video Program to Help American Indians Quite Spit Tobacco
  14. The Gift of Health: A Woman's Path to Wellness
  15. Guidelines For Managing Side Effects of Chemotherapy (Mayo Clinic)
  16. Healthy Navajo Women: Walk in Beauty Navajo (Navajo and English)
  17. Heart Healthy Lifestyles (Mayo Clinic)
  18. HPV Is Not A Tradition: Protect The Circle - Get the Vaccine
  19. It's Your Life (Native American smoking cessation video with accompanying booklet)
  20. In A Good Way: The Use and Cultivation of Native American Traditional Tobacco (2004, 47 minutes, California Rural Indian Health Board)
  21. Is Health Care Entitlement a Solution to the Problem of Health Disparities for American VHS only
  22. It Takes a Whole Indian Village: Decreasing Health Disparities in Indian Country VHS only (2005, 120 minutes, for tribal communities)
  23. Nathan's Story: The Impact of Second Hand Smoke on an American Indian Tribal Casino Worker (California Rural Indian Health Board)
  24. Native Nutrition CIRCLE Project (accompanying cookbook and nutrition stories)
  25. Pathways to Health: An American Indian Women's Breast Cancer Video
  26. The Pink Shawl Project (breast cancer/breast health - Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan)
  27. The Story of Iktomi: Mind, Spirit and Emotion (Native American diabetes animation)
  28. Staying Strong, Staying Healthy: Alaska Native Men Speak Out About Cancer
  29. Stories of My Sisters (interviews with Alaska native breast cancer survivors)
  30. The Story Basket: Weaving Breast Health Into Our Lives (Cancer Education for CHAs/CHRs)
  31. Taking Control of Your Health: The PAP Test and Cervical Cancer
  32. Understanding: Stepping in the Light (Native American cancer play) (DVD format only)
  33. Walking Into The Unknown (Native men's DVD focusing on diabetes, heart disease, stroke, suicide and alcoholism)
  34. Your Heart, Your Drum: Strengthening the Heartbeat of American Indians and Native Alaskans (20 minutes motivational DVD focusing on the problems of cardiovascular disease in native people
Audio Recordings
  1. Breast Cancer Detective
    (Interactive bingo and breast health trivia games CD for nurses/CHAs/CHRs)
  2. Finding Peace in Difficult Times - A Christian Meditation. CD
    Track 1: Guided Imagery. Track 2: Guided Meditation. Track 3: Abdominal Breathing
  3. The Mind/Body Approach to Stress Management (Imagery and relaxation) CD and audio tape